How To Write More Consistently

Jon Kuhn
3 min readNov 8, 2021


Funny enough this is my first piece on medium in over a month. I’m ok with it. I have to be. There is no point in beating myself up over some standard that I have set for myself.

This my friends, is the first step. The past has already happened. In Buddhism they say;

whenever you have regret it’s like suffering from the same thing twice.

Who Is This For and Should You Keep Reading

If you are reading this article I would imagine you are looking for some secret that is going to make you a writing wizard. Maybe you’re like me and you listened to one talk from Seth Godin and you heard about his blog that he has written daily for 17 years without missing a date.

After hearing about Seth Godin’s insane daily blog streak I immediately typed out my first blog. Then I went on a 45 day streak. I didn’t miss a day. I only had 16 years and 10 and a half more months to go to be just like Seth.

Life happened. I missed a day. Then I beat myself up. I let the negative voice win. Then after the loss instead of starting over the next day I let the negative voice win again.

This is all so fucking sad Jon, (that’s me).

Why the hell are you complaining so much?

What the fuck is the point?

Hey reader, I am trying to be relatable ok. I empathize with you and your bullshit excuses.

I just laughed at myself. Dammit I think I am so clever.

Ok… Here is my advice for consistency and beating that dumb voice. This is what has worked for me.

Set a reasonable goal that is proportionate to what you are capable of doing at this moment in your life. The one sentence rule is my favorite for writers and I use this in running too, but instead of a sentence it’s just 1 minute of running or 1 mile depending on the person’s fitness level.

Shall I explain more?

The rule for yourself is to write just one sentence. That’s it. Then publish it. Do this everyday for at least 30 days. Keep going if you want, but if you have never done this before it may just change your life.

What Happened When I did this?

I usually ended up writing way more than just one sentence. I started sharing part of these blog on my Instagram account. I have now been featured in several newsletter internationally and I made five dollars. Five Fucking Dollars on medium all on a month where I didn’t write a single goddam article.

Life is weird and it gets better if you try even just a little bit.

The craziest thing about this is advice is people who are at zero who hear this may very well end up letting that dumb voice talk themselves out of even trying.

Maybe one of the voices in your head is saying something to the effect of,

“Everyone is blogging, writing and making content now. The market is just over saturated and now it’s going to be flooded with one sentence daily bloggers. There is no point.”

Ignore that voice, because most people won’t.



Jon Kuhn

After spending my 20's not trying I am spending my 30's trying.