Just a Mile

I talk about this often. The concept of tricking your brain into building habits by setting the barrier to entry incredibly low.

With the blog the rule is, just one sentence.

With running the rule is, just one mile.

With pushups, it is just ten a day.

What often happens is I end up doing more, because I am already in the space for the habit and I am performing said habit. Most of my one mile runs are a lot more than just one mile, so on and so forth.

I just sat down to write a blog post. It has started turning into an article. I accidentally found a subject that really ignites my passion. Or maybe I have had just enough coffee to get going.

Maybe I am avoiding another task.

Fuck it, I’m a writer. That is what I do.

I did sit down with the intention of writing just one sentence. That’s the important part. Getting the momentum and going with it.




After spending my 20's not trying I am spending my 30's trying.

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Jon Kuhn

Jon Kuhn

After spending my 20's not trying I am spending my 30's trying.

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