Older, Wiser, and Reflections On My Birthday

A few quick lessons from me to you and mostly to myself.

Today is my 35th birthday and I do not want to talk about it…

I started the day off a little more hungover than I would have liked. I woke up to an alarm clock. I have not been setting an alarm because the kids have been gone and Alexis, my fiance, is on vacation. I set an alarm clock today because I had to work. I had to work because I decided to not take a social media break and yesterday someone referred me for a job.

I am in the beginning stages of starting my freelance business and getting a chance to pitch a client for work is awesome. I woke up at 8 am and started to get to work on a directors reel. While I was working I started to realize that I had worked a more this year than I thought.

I am harder on myself than I think I should be at times. I honestly want to get better about it. I have noticed that I am the hardest on myself when I do not have a clear goal in mind. Even if I set a goal and I fail at reaching it, I am so distracted by the process of trying to achieving itl that there is not room in my brain to be hard on myself.

Going forward I want to be more adamant about setting goals. I want to set a series of tiny goals and big goals as well.

A concept that I have touched on a lot this year n is the idea of having enough. What is enough? What do you do when you have enough? How do you get enough?

During quarantine focusing on the fact that I had enough and that my family had enough was one of the things that kept me from losing my damn mind. We meditated a lot together as a family and I meditated often on my own. Whenever my mind would start wondering I would say to myself, “you have enough, your breath is enough,” then I would go back to focusing on air moving in and out of my nose. If you do not define what is enough you will always be on the chase trying to fill a void that you have created inside your soul. I see people to do this often with more or titles. Breathe a little and always, “be where your feet are.”